Thank you so much for your interest in Designs 4 Him! I am Lucy Kessler and I am so excited to share my passion and vision with you. My husband, Craig, and I came up with the idea for Designs 4 Him because we wanted to share our love for Christ and our passion for design with the world. We both love creating and designing and I have always had a dream of being involved in fashion, so a Christian apparel store was a natural destination for all of our big ideas.

Owners Designs 4 HIm

Craig has experience in screen printing and knows a lot about that side of the business. I know a lot about trending topics and fashion so our business partnership is pure gold. We work really well together and have a similar creative eye, every one of our products are a team effort and everything is made on purpose (more on that later).

When Craig and I really started to pour ourselves into Designs 4 Him, we knew exactly where we wanted it to go. There was no grey area about how we wanted to grow and develop into a brand. When we first started, we set up a Shopify store and used another company to actually make our products, but we knew we wanted to be making all of our products ourselves eventually. We didn’t like the disconnect we felt with our products and customers.

Every one of our products and designs are meaningful to us in some way. Not every one of our designs are necessarily Christian, but they are all positive and uplifting. We both notice all of our modern culture’s emphasis on violence, sex, drugs,¬†alcohol, and disrespect and we, personally, feel bogged down because of it. We can not escape some of the media’s sneaky influence in television, music, and advertisements. My husband and I are constantly tense when we go out with our children because we want to protect their innocence in a world that bombards our lives with a positive outlook on worldly temptations. We know making t-shirts isn’t going to change our culture, but perhaps it can help.